COVID-19 Remote Cricket Coaching

Stay on top of your game! Send us your videos for a review of your technique and tutoring to improve.

As part of the national effort to limit non-essential travel and the country shutdown of cricket clubs, we have partnered with Hoddesdon Cricket Club, to deliver remote cricket coaching. Keeping cricket development at the fore of junior’s activities and helping you to stay as active as possible.

Just send us a video of you practising (3min max), either at home or in the garden, and receive video feedback from our head coach, Luke, all for the low price of £6.

Videos can be of you facing full hard ball / tennis balls feeds or underarm feeds, similar to the instructional video above.

There is no age limit and players can get help with their batting or bowling technique.

5 Step Process for Remote Cricket Coaching

  1. Record a video (3min max) of you practising particular shots or bowling
  2. Register online as a member at
  3. Purchase personalised home video coaching from Luke
  4. Receive a phone number to Whatsapp your video to Luke
  5. Get a tutored video or live video chat back from Luke to improve your game
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