Senior Academy – 14-18 yrs old

Striving to provide and support a player-led learning environment.


The Senior Academy (SA) sits at the top of The HECC Cricket School’s educational pathway and strives to provide a player-led learning environment, supporting your development both as a player and as a person. 

In line with ‘Training to Compete’ principles of the Long Term Athlete Development programme, the SA offers players support from coaches in managing and engineering an optimum environment for learning to occur. The responsibility lies with players to take ownership of their own game to work on the enhancement of all cricket specific skills (including technical tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle) and focus on game awareness and competitive development.

SA has 3 main objectives:

  1. to facilitate and foster individual development
  2. to fully prepare SA members for successful matchplay experiences
  3. to provide meaningful and inspiring matchplay experiences .

To this end the Senior Academy also offers a new team and matchplay focus to its outcomes.  The following are being planned at the present time:

  1. Worldwide cricket tours –  players wanted, please enquire.
  2. Continued integration of our young players in to The Winter Indoor League
  3. Introduction of Senior Academy summer fixtures against club teams (please note that these games will be be in addition to and support your normal club fixtures).

To ensure that we strive towards these objectives you will receive the very best from your training and support as HECCSport opens up all its resources for your disposal:

  1. A BRAND NEW TIME CHANGE – To align with our Junior and Emerging Academies SA is now 1.5 hours.  It allows more time for productive warmups, scenario based nets, a combinations of fielding the match play.  It will also will also allow more time to work on tactics, captaincy and S&C without impacting on net and playing time.
  2. Exclusive use of HECCSport (5 lanes) for all squad nights – to provide space that allows individual development, multi-discipline focus, variety in training, matchplay.
  3. Video analysis
  4. Bowling machines
  5. Full time, professional coaches

Programme Details

7th Sept – 14th Dec 2023 (excluding 26th October)

Thursday, 19:30-21:00
Cost – on request


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