Video Analysis

The most effective way of learning about yourself and cricket.


Video Analysis (VA) is vitally important to the development of all cricketers. Particularly used in one-to-one sessions, it allows you and the coach to look repeatedly at the whole action in real time or slow-motion, forward or back. It allows you to focus in on specific parts of a bowling action or zoom in on your batting grip. VA ensures that the feedback to the player is absolutely spot on and the rate of learning and development is subsequently accelerated.

There are two ways that you can take advantage of The HECC VA:

  • Book an one-to-one with our Director of Coaching
  • Book a VA Report -.After your club net or individual session let our Director of Coaching analyse the session from the video footage you provide and you will receive a written or a verbal report.


£20 for verbal report

£45 for written report


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