Indoor League

Hosting indoor leagues this winter.

2022-23 Indoor League Registration (IS NOW CLOSED)

The HECC hosts the Winter Indoor Leagues.  Junior leagues accommodate the U9, U11, U13 and U15 age groups whilst adult leagues comprise of Division 1 & 2.  A Business League is available as well as the Knock Out Cup in the lead up to the summer season.  We are also keen to restart the Vets League so interested parties please get in touch?!?

Why play in the HECC Indoor League:

  • Indoor games are basically like the perfect, complete virtual net, allowing you to practice all aspects of the game, all in one hour.

  • The fast and intense pace of the games really do sharpen up your senses.

  • Helps you develop much needed and underused skills such as decision making, running between wickets, manipulating the ball into gaps.

  • Excellent learning tool for young cricketers (and adults!!)

  • Keeps young players involved in the game through the long winter.

  • Great for keeping team spirit throughout the off season.

  • Also it’s simply great fun.


  • Registration Fees
  • Match fees
  • Adult
  • £80
  • £36 per team
  • Junior
  • £45
  • £30 per team