Junior Academy

Intensive and purposeful training for talented, well driven cricketers aged 8-11 years old


In the early ages of a cricketers development there can be a great varity of experience standard, and individual enjoyment and drive to improve and succeed.  The Junior Academy (JA) encourages the more entusiastic, motivated and hard working young talent to be the very best that they can be.  Working with a squad of no more than 18, JA creates an environment that supports their thirst for the game and for individual improvement.

To maintain the appropriate working climate all potential players are assessed and invited onto the JA programme if he or she shows the required, technical and mental traits.

The JA Programme

JA had the benefit of exclusive use of HECCSport during training hours and the programme exposes young cricketers to the importance of the basics and technique, explores the players ability and nouse to play the game itself, and fully prepares them to compete with and against the hard ball.

Sessions are 1 hour and 30 mins and ran by Luke and the HECCSport coaching team.

TRIAL – 7th Sept 2017 , 18.00-19.30

Age: U8 – U11 years
Dates: Sundays 7th January 2018 – 25th March 2018 (excluding 11th February 2018)
Time: 16.00 – 17.30

Please contact us for more info or to book your trial date.


Dene HillsECB Lead Batting Coach
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